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Ringing in the new school year, The Harvest Board way!

Many of us have traditions or memories of the first day of school. Some of us may remember getting an ice cream cone after class, while others may have come home to a homemade cake sitting on the counter. 

As another chapter of summer closes, we welcome the experiences this next school year holds for us. Whether you send off a child to school with a heavy heart, or now are taking some time for self care, we hope to brighten your family’s First Day of School experience.

We believe that adding an extra special touch, to something as ordinary as school lunches, can truly make a difference. Allow the chance for your children to get excited about their school day, feel the magical anticipation, as they create their lunch from a carefully designed display.

On our Two Foot Scallop Harvest Board, we used children’s snacks, treats, and sandwich elements to create a lunch sack spread that children can pick and choose from. With decorations such as books, crayons, “school themed” candy, and enlarged pencils setting the scene in such a playful way.

If you don’t have such decor lying around, we recommend styling the most ordinary pieces you have - such as a lunch sack. Adding a detail of ribbon to our brown paper bags adds color into your child’s school day, taking their lunch experience from satisfactory to happy in an instant.

Take a moment to celebrate the start of a new year! Reminisce on the times of old, while filling yourself with excitement for the year ahead by intentionally recognizing the good.

We encourage you to cherish the small things, and find ways to make them magical, as you “Gather Something Good.”