Classic Charcuterie for Beginners

In this post you will find my tips, tricks, and an ingredients lists for your classic charcuterie board. When starting a board I like a one stop shop for convenience, so I like to pick one grocery store to get the majority if not all of my ingredients.  I also like to give myself a few extra minutes at the grocery store to explore any new items they may have. Some of my favorites are Trader Joes, Sprouts, or Harmons. Many stores, including Costco will have pre assembled snack trays that makes things extra convenient. 
For a classic charcuterie spread you may have an assortment of cheese, crackers, cold cut meats, fruit, dried fruit, nuts, bread, vegetables and chocolate covered goodies.
If a charcuterie spread makes you nervous start small and go from there. Start by choosing your favorite foods, what they pair well with and create art! I love to buy a variety of colors or if I have a theme ill buy everything in those colors.
My favorite simple board for any beginner consists of:
Sharp cheddar cheese from Trade Joe's (pictured, the white square) paired with pears or apples 
Chèvre rolled in blueberries or cranberries also from Trader Joe's paired with any cracker or any goat cheese.
classic cheddar cheese or provolone square paired with crackers
strawberries, grapes, oranges, blueberries
cashews, almonds, walnuts, peanuts
dried golden raisins, cranberries or apricots
chocolate caramels, chocolate squares
baguette bread sliced
Sides: butter, jam or honey
don't forget serving utinsels


When beginning to create your board I start with the larger items first and work around them such as your clumps of grapes, oranges, sliced pears or apples. Also remember to put food next to each other that will compliment each other or go well together such as the sharp cheddar cheese and pears. Once you have placed all of your bigger foods around the board start filling in the gaps with smaller foods. Most importantly have fun creating your charcuterie board, there is no right way to do! Experiment what works best for you and ask your guests for feedback!