Mediterranean Appetizer Board

How beautiful and colorful did this board turn out?! To be completely honest I was surprised and so happy how everything went together and how stunning it looks on our new 24" Harvest Board! That is one of my favorite things about setting up this way, I don't actually know what it's going to look like and every single time I am pleasantly surprised. I challenge you if you have not started doing this already to try it next time you are making any type of food for people, I know you will love it and so will everyone else. 
On this particular board I wasn't planning on putting the dip in the middle but when I was about half way through I thought it would add the perfect touch and I already can't wait to do it again! Plus it makes it easy to dip and everything is right in the same place. Speaking of the of my best friends who has such a good knack for food (and has an amazing cake business)  taught me this recipe and it is as simple as it gets but also so flavorful with fresh bruschetta, feta cheese and lentils. Fun fact, I grew up working for her mom (who is like a mother to be) and is the most fabulous caterer! She catered my wedding and played a big part for my love of good food! 
As far as the food went around the board I just picked some of my favorites and what I happened to be craving that day. I have mentioned before but when I am doing any type of charcuterie spread I always try to pick as many colorful foods as possible to mix it up and make it pretty. 
I will list everything below and I hope you try it next time you need an appetizer! This exact spread is good for a larger gathering but you can always make it smaller or cut out some foods. I forgot to put crackers on this board but I would make sure to add them next time. I also always start with the larger items such as the grapes and strawberries and worked around the board from there. 
Dip Recipe 
1 jar of fresh bruschetta 
fat free feta cheese 
bag of lentils 
My friend also adds avocado sometimes and it is delicious!
Mediterranean Charcuterie Board 
loaf of baguette bread, cut into thin slices 
dried mandarin oranges