The Harvest Board x West of Breakfast girls night Fondue Board

Whats better than fondue? Fondue with your girlfriends wearing matching pajamas! How darling are these West of Breakfast pajamas? I want one of each and they are amazing quality to sleep in or dress up! When I was putting together the mood board for this shoot I wanted it to be pretty, colorful and delicious. We used our two foot Harvest Board which is perfect for 4-6 people depending on how full you make the board. We also used the small Boska fondue set and loved it! It's amazing how warm the candles keep the chocolate. I used a new chocolate fondue recipe and it turned out amazing, the recipe is below.
My very favorite part about fondue is the never ending options to chose from. This time I decided to buy everything instead of cooking and used items we had at home, it was quick and easy! 

There is little prep, I started with the chocolate and then began washing and cutting the strawberries, raspberries, pears and bananas then peeled the clementines, cut the store bought waffles and cookies and started assembling. From start to finish I would say it took about 20 min because of the chocolate. I prefer to put wet foods (mainly fruits) or anything that might easily stain in small dishes to add a bit of dimension to the board and for an easier cleanup!

Fondue Shopping list: 

Be creative! For this exact board we used...

Bananas, Strawberries, raspberries, apples, celementines, waffles, meringues, chocolate chip cookies, marshmallows, pretzels, chocolate caramel's and gummy bears. 

Chocolate Fondue Recipe: 

A simple trick my mom always taught me was to use chocolate chips, they are much easier to melt. I bought both 10 ounces of milk chocolate chips and 10 ounces dark chocolate chips.

 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, 2 cups heavy cream, 20 ounces both chocolates

Create a double boiler and warm the cream until hot to the touch and immediately add the chocolates and whisk. They will melt quickly. Whisk in the vanilla and carefully pour into your fondue pot. Enjoy!

Extra Credit: toppings such as melted white chocolate, shredded coconut or cinnamon to make it extra fancy.