The Pineapple Board

Ever since the beginning of The Harvest Board a pineapple was always in the works, the design and shape could not be more perfect and I know you will love it as much as we do!
The significance of pineapples is very special to us. A pineapple historically represents hospitality and friendship but it also brings back many memories for me (Courtney) who went to school in Hawaii where I truly developed a deep love for the island of Oahu and the Hawaiian culture. The pineapple reminds me of Hawaii and the hospitality the island gave me and the friendships I gained there.
At The Harvest Board we strive to bring goodness to our friends and community. As you "Gather Something Good" we hope the pineapple board will be a reminder to display hospitality and friendship to those around you. 
We hope you will remember the meaning behind the pineapple, and will be inspired by its presence wherever you display the board. 
These boards would make the perfect gift for anyone whom displays these qualities or who might enjoy the sweetness of a pineapple! 
Next time you need an appetizer try this quick and easy one on the pineapple
board! Still drooling over it. 
Goat cheese and Honey Appetizer
Goat Cheese
Fresh Basil Leaves
Roll goat cheese into a ball and place on surface, generously drizzle honey all over cheese, top with crushed pistachios and basil leaves. Serve with round pita bite crackers or classic water crackers.