The Harvest Pineapple
The Harvest Pineapple
The Harvest Pineapple

The Harvest Pineapple

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This 13 x 8 Pineapple Harvest Board was created with special meaning behind it. A pineapple historically represents hospitality and friendship. At The Harvest Board we strive to bring goodness to our friends and community. As you "Gather Something Good" we hope the Pineapple board will be a reminder to display hospitalty and friendship to those around you.

Each piece is made out of pure maple wood, 100% handcrafted and created locally. Stained and sealed with natural products safe for all food purposes.

We have created The Harvest Board Pineapple to be timeless and to stand the test of time. It will add character and beauty to your home or your next gathering. We hope you will remember the meaning behind the pineapple and will be inspired by its presence wherever you use or display the board.

These boards would make the perfect gift for anyone whom displays these qualities or who might enjoy the sweetness of a pineapple! 

13 x 8 

check out our care kit for how to care for your board 

*You can cut on your Harvest Board as desired but we don't recommend using it as a full replacement for a cutting board. 

*if you place something that might stain ie raspberries or beets be sure to clean immediately after by using a wet towel and our signature care kit